“Build Up Skills Lithuania 2030” Initiative Maps Out Future of Construction Sector

VILNIUS, Lithuania – The ambitious “Build Up Skills Lithuania 2030” initiative, a comprehensive project aimed at revolutionizing the Lithuanian construction sector, has made significant strides through its series of expert meetings at VILNIUS TECH. This project aligns with the European goal of enhancing building professionals’ qualifications, focusing on sustainable and nearly zero-energy building practices.

First Meetings – Setting the Stage for Transformation
The first three meetings held between June and October 2023 laid the foundation for this transformation. Experts from three thematic groups – Planning and Design, Construction, and Building Operation – collaborated to identify key trends and skill needs in the construction industry.

Planning and Design Group highlighted the importance of sustainable design and smart technology.
Construction Group focused on renewable energy, automation, and energy-efficient solutions, underlining the necessity for workforce upskilling.
Building Operation Group emphasized evolving environmental regulations and technology’s role in building management.
These discussions culminated in crafting future scenarios and identifying priority measures for the 2030 vision, including qualification improvements and competency assessments.

Fourth Meeting – A Comprehensive Action Plan
The fourth meeting in November 2023 was pivotal in developing a comprehensive action plan titled “Creating a Sustainable, Digitally Transformed, and Competitive at European Construction Ecosystem Level.” This plan sets a bold framework for Lithuania’s construction industry, envisioning a sector marked by sustainability, technological innovation, and skilled craftsmanship.

Key measures of the action plan include:

Creation of Market Demand for Training – Implementing campaigns and incentives to boost training uptake.
Continuous Improvement of Existing and New Competencies – Establishing responsive educational programs.
Competency Evaluation, Recognition, and Certification – Standardizing skills through validation and accreditation.
Ensuring the Robustness of the Construction Competencies Platform – Maintaining an effective digital platform for competency development.

Fifth Workshop – Review and Alignment
The most recent session, the 5th expert workshop, focused on reviewing and aligning the priority measures and action plans. It emphasized stakeholder engagement and covered the rationale for choosing priority measures across various construction stages.

Looking Ahead – A Vision for 2030
As “Build Up Skills Lithuania 2030” progresses, the Lithuanian construction sector is poised to become a leader in sustainable and technologically advanced practices. This initiative not only aligns with European Union energy efficiency goals but also sets a global benchmark for integrating technology, sustainability, and skill development in the construction sector.

Stay tuned for further updates on this transformative journey, as Lithuania paves the way towards a sustainable and innovative construction future by 2030.

For more information, visit the official “Build Up Skills Lithuania 2030” website.

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