Hands-on, BIM-Related Training of Vocational Teachers

The Regional Innovation Management Centre was awarded a contract to educate vocational trainers in the Lithuanian construction sector, thereby strengthening their overall technological competencies.“Technological competence“ can be defined as the ability of a vocational trainer to perform a specific technological process. Such competence includes knowledge of that process, the ability to perform specialized operations, and the ability to work with various materials and technological equipment.

This on-the-job training took place either at the production plant, construction site, or a sectoral practical training center. More than 100 trainers took part, including experts from AGA-CAD, INRE, and several construction companies.

This training covered the areas of:

  • Bim
  • Energy efficiency
  • Building plastering
  • Finishing tiles
  • Surface preparation
  • Painting
  • Upholstery gluing
  • Gypsum cardboard and other finishing boards
  • Masonry
  • Building Restoration
  • Elevation and working at height
  • Excavation works.