International Qualifications Transfer

Regional Innovation Management Centre facilitated the adoption of internationally recognized Pearson BTEC qualifications at Lithuanian and Latvian regional vocational training institutions.

The project, LLI-415 was focused on“deploying the high standards of knowledge, practical skills, and understanding required for better employment in the regions” (Deploy-Skills). It was mostly aimed at helping adult employees embrace social skills and adapt to rapidly-changing technology environments.

Due to challenges faced by the labor markets and regional economies, there was a need for a well-balanced marketing mix of educational programs. There was also a need for some radical changes at both the program and institutional levels, all while analyzing the process for strong differentiating factors.

  • Tackling the inefficiencies of Lithuanian and Latvian labor markets,
  • Improvement of the education system through the introduction of a more systemic approach.

We believed that involving relevant stakeholders and applying innovative, technologically and methodologically sound teaching and learning methods could lead to impactful results. In particular, we wanted to assist those striving to become entrepreneurs or trying to adjust to rapidly-changing work quality demands